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EFPT Tour at OTC UK, 3-6th November

Here is the latest Press Release from event organisers XPLG about the EFPT Tour stop hosted by us here at OTC UK on 3rd to the 6th November.

“With competitors pre-registration closing in just 36 hours, it is time for those last minute entries to come in. The winds for the last month have battered the shores of Weymouth almost every day, with most days seeing above force 4 and the week ahead looks very much the same. After some very last minute negotiations, Red Bull have decided to step on board to offer the competitors that buzz of energy throughout the competition with countless amounts of free Red Bull. However, on top of this they will also bring their sound truck and a jet-ski to aid in the Monday night tow-in show. The organisers are stoked to have them on board as they help bring that last bit of structure to the event.

With almost €6000 in prize money up for grabs across all the competitions, two huge GlobalShot parties and plenty of freebies, the event has finally come together in the last hour.

Last Minute Entries – GO GO GO! With all this promised, any competitors that are still deciding should get in touch with the EFPT press officer right now to make sure they are signed up before the end of tomorrow, so as not to miss out. Email to get your registration in and confirmed.

Check out the full sporting events program below:

– EFPT CENTAUR King of the Wind competition

– FEMI PLEASURE Queen of the Wind female freestyle competition

– Daily tow-in qualification rounds if light winds


Demo Weekend:

Furthermore the windsurfing public and non-competitors will get the chance to try out all the latest 2013 equipment in a huge demo weekend (3-4th November). With all the top brands present and the OTC in Weymouth well and truly stocked there will be plenty to get your hands on. Just some of the brands include Sailloft, North Sails, Fanatic, Starboard and RRD.

The rocking social program:

– Saturday night Globalshots RoyalRave in the Lazy Lizard.

– Sunday Chill-out evening at the Cove House Inn with acoustic music by Tim Cowen

– ‘Big Monday’ GlobalLands party (a culmination of the all the countries attending and all the parties from that year), huge fireworks display, bonfire, night tow-in supersession supported by Red Bull.

With party tickets limited make sure you head over to and grab yours straight away, so as not to miss out. All tickets will be waiting for you on the door. On the last day of the event the official title for the European champion will be given to the overall winner of the three EFPT freestyle events 2012. This will be an INCREDIBLE finale to an outstanding year so expect some sick action, a great social program and some EPIC trophies for the winners!

For more information, visit the King of the Wind website. See you in Weymouth!

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