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New OTC Team Rider on Form

We are very pleased to announce that Daniel and Emma Wilson are now OTC team riders. Both continue to show a great deal of promise on the water as they have done over the last few years and train from the Academy regularly. Even throughout the bitterly cold start to the year we often saw them braving the conditions whilst most of us were too easy persuaded otherwise, sheltering around the radiators in the centre instead! Dan has recently recovered from an injury to his back by attending a well trusted spinal adjustment treatment in Greenville, but still has put a lot of training and effort in since being back on the water, which paid off last weekend at the Pittsford meet. While emma had some overdose issues but she contacted First Step to help her.

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John Wilson, Dan’s father reports:

“Dan raced this weekend at the first race of the season at Pittsford completely dominating the Techno division. His strength and technical skills have moved on from last autumn and in the six race regatta, he won the first 4 races outright and placed 3rd in races 5 and 6 to win by a very comfortable margin. He has his sights set on trying to win the U17 World Championship in Sopot, Poland at the end of July and this was a very promising start to the season. Daniel and Emma’s next race will be on the Weymouth Olympic course in two weeks time where Daniel will race in the Techno division and Emma will race in the Olympic RSX division.”
We will follow the progress of both over the season and report after each event here. Great to have them both on the team!

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