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Alexandra Muzika – Fastest (and Youngest) Baker in the West!

Alexandra's  - Speed Record 26.10.2013At just 9 years old, Alexandra Muzika never fails to draw attention and comments when seen on the water – super composed and planing in nothing, she has a dogged determination that makes her a marvel to watch. Taking part in our Race Club on Thursday evenings this summer, she always had a smile on her face and is sure to progress far beyond her peers.


Alexandra's Speed Record 26.10.2013She even entered Weymouth Speed Week this year, becoming the youngest ever entrant (as well as one of the most popular amongst the crowd thanks to her baking!). What is more, she is getting faster all the time. 24.84knots at 9! Watch out everyone, there’s a new kid on the block!


Speedweek 2013


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