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We are very sad/angry to report the theft of a large amount of equipment from a parked van in Hampshire.

A lot of the gear belongs to a young lad who is very much an up and coming windsurf/kitesurf/SUP star of the future. The rest belongs to his father. The loss is devastating to both of them! They are still trying to piece together all the info, with serial numbers etc. but most important is the outline of what has been stolen, which is below.

Please look out for it and call the police if you have suspicions – we think it is highly likely to end up being sold quickly for a lot less than it is worth, or to be traded in for something else to distance the thief from it. As well as the police, please contact us here at the OTC with any info you might hear – we can then contact the owners. Lets pull together and make this sort of activity costly for the criminals who think they can get away with it.

  • Starboard Wave Kode 92 2014  – bright orange.
  • Tabou Ripper 61 2013 –  black with bright graphics.
  • Nah Skwell SUP board white with blue deckpads –  this is the NEW Surf Series 7’11” Custom Pro Finish serial number 900503. Picture below – IT IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE UK! If you get offered this, call the police immediately!
  • Severne 2014 Blades sizes 4.2 / 4.7 /5.3 / 5.7 –  3 in orange, 1 in cyan.
  • Point 7 Sick kids rigs 3.1 / 3.8 / 4.5 – black with graphics.
  •  100% carbon masts – 5 in various lengths
  • Booms – 3 in carbon
  • Kitesurf boards: 2 surfboards –  Airush Compact (green) and Naish (white). NEW Naish Dub twin-tip (black). NEW Airush twin tip . 1 kids Acid twin tip (white).
  • Kites: Bandit 5 in 12.0m (blue) and 10.0m (blue). Bandit 6 (red and black) in 8.0m, 7.0m, 6.0m and 5.0m.
  • 3 kite bars with lines (white).
  • 4 wetsuits (black and green) and (blue and white).
  • Various deck plates and mast extensions.
  • SUP paddles – 3 in black and green. One is an X-Paddle Wave Carbon Kevlar set to about 8’2″. Another is a Naish adjustable – small blade (white with black streaks), small carbon shaft. All have Kai sports blade guard fitted.


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