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Evening Clubs are GO!

With the days getting longer and temperatures warmer we are pleased to announce our evening clubs are back ON! Come along and unwind on the water at the end of the day.

  1. paul fitzgerald

    Please book me in this thursdays adult windsufing 25/5/17


  2. Laura Haigh

    Hi are the adult classes suitable for total beginners?

    • Hi Laura,

      They very much are, but we ask that people join us on a taster session initially to be taught the rudiments. We can fit a 2hr taster in at your convenience and costs £49.00 per person.

  3. kate houlding

    Hi my 12 yr old has 3 sessions of windsurfing with you through the Wey Valley school. She has mentioned that there is a youth club 5 to 7 some evenings. Can you tell if we need to book her in or just turn up. Also ho you do any weekend teaching .
    Thx Kate

    • Hi Kate, If you can give us a call and let us know to expect you, that would be ideal as we can then ensure staffing numbers. We do provide weekend tuition as well, but this is at normal prices, not club concessionary rates. Many thanks.

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