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“The OTC UK is in business to showcase windsurfing on one of the most prominent stages in the marine leisure industry today. In addition to offering clients the first real opportunity to try and compare equipment from a wide variety of brands for themselves, the centre has an affiliated school to teach windsurfing at every level.

“Our purpose built facilities will also enable those interested to voice their opinions about the kit they have tried, providing a unique and valuable link directly with the brands involved.”


The Official Test Centre is the brainchild of Tris Best, who, acknowledging the privileged position he was in, testing all the latest windsurfing equipment in favourable conditions, wanted to extend the same opportunity to everyone.

With more disciplines and brands appearing every year, the range of boards and sails available on the market has become overwhelming for many, making the decision on which board or sail to buy very complicated and confusing.

Tests and reviews of windsurf kit go a long way to clarifying the situation, but ultimately there is no substitute for trying the equipment for yourself.

You can test-drive a car before you decide to invest; you try clothes on to check they fit…you even smell a perfume or aftershave to see if it suits. Well now, at long last, the same opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ is available for windsurfers.