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Providing an inexhaustible source of advice, not to mention a tireless amount of enthusiasm to inspire you on the water, the OTC team is a highly professional outfit dedicated to ensure your visit to us is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

OTC Director

Having graduated from the Industrial Design course at Loughborough University in 2001, Tris was headhunted for the post of Features Editor at the UK’s Windsurf Magazine. Taking on the additional role as their Test Editor in 2004, he left the office life in 2006 to co-found The OTC. Inventing the centre’s unique selling point, Tris’ driver was for a more accurate way of testing and evaluating windsurfing equipment, not just for magazines and the end consumer, but the brands themselves as well.

Centre Manager

With his first taste of windsurfing at the age of fifteen, it wasn’t long before Adam knew it was the sport he had to pursue. His progression and development was accelerated by co-founding Team Airborn in 2004 – an initiative to help raise awareness of the youth windsurfing scene in the UK. Once he’d finished school, Adam secured his position in The OTC team in March 2007, whereupon his approachability and talent on the water made him an obvious choice for the visiting Point-7 team. He now helps the Italian sail brand develop their wave sails, whilst maintaining his impartial integrity working for the centre. Being based in the Canaries has gifted Adam with the opportunity to train alongside seasoned professionals, inspiring his sailing and providing a constant benchmark. He returned to competition in 2011 and was quick to stamp his mark, achieving 4th on the UK’s BWA tour and winning the expression session at the PWA event in Tenerife.


Having completed a Start Windsurfing course with OTC UK, Maisie knew she was hooked. She did her Start Windsurfing instructor course with us as well, drawing the comment from the trainer that she was “one of the most promising 16 year olds he had ever instructed”. Maisie’s passion is definitely in teaching and hopes to pursue this aspect of the sport to the highest level in the coming years. Whilst providing a fantastic insight into the equipment demands of windsurfers fresh to the sport, she is improving every day she goes on the water, and is looking to compete in the near future. 

Young Prodigy

Scotty Stallman first came down the centre when he had just turned 9 years old and immediately took to the sport, encouraged by his parents Andy and Jo as they knew their son needed to be challenged to remain interested. Don’t think they could have chosen a better sport! At 11 years old Scotty had already broken the 30knot barrier (thanks to the tips and mentoring of local hero Pete Young) and by twelve had had his first taste of wave sailing. We already have a bet that he will be looping before his 13th birthday. The kid is fearless and is regularly holding onto sails the same size as grown adults, whether it be speeding down the course or launching through head-high shore break. Undoubtedly one to watch for the future. Click here to read a July ’13 BOARDS article about Scotty.