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What is Included?

Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and the following is included in the annual membership fee of £20.00:

  • MASSIVELY discounted kit hire rates.
  • Membership card.
  • Choice of either a blue or white OTC tee.
  • 10% off retail prices from the shop.
  • 10% off tuition.

Membership cards




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We are very excited to be offering a new type of membership for associated partners. The whole concept of the OTC is to make windsurfing and stand-up-paddling more accessible. It is the crux of how to make the sports grow and let’s be honest, if we can’t do it in the idyllic conditions Portland Harbour provides, where can we?! This membership is designed specifically for this purpose and, working closely with our partners, we aim to create an environment for regular participation at an affordable price (rental prices start at just £5.00 per 2hr session; £15.00 for the day).

Whether you are just starting out in your water sports endeavours or consider yourself a seasoned enthusiast, there is no substitute to getting out on the water regularly. The beauty with a sport such as windsurfing is that it takes a moment to learn, yet a lifetime to master! There is always something new to learn. So come and grab some kit and push your boundaries beyond your comfort zone.

Please note: This membership cannot be used in addition to other subsidised clubs such as the kids and adult windsurfing clubs during weekday evenings. We make every effort to provide the use of ideal kit, but there will be the rare occasion when we are fully booked with a large group booking and will not be able to provide kit. Please phone us on 07817 717904 prior to arriving at the centre to confirm whether we are able to supply equipment.

You will be required to fill in an indemnity form as usual, and will be reminded that there is no insurance for the equipment. Any loss or repairable damage to the equipment will be charged to the user.