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Since we opened our first centre in Tenerife in August 2006, we’ve received plenty of comments from clients on the service we provide, the equipment stocked, the conditions experienced and the atmosphere in El Médano.

We will do the same with our second centre on Portland, UK, and you’ll be able to read the feedback on this page.

The second feedback tab is about our ‘OTC Influence’, providing an idea of how hiring at The OTC can help you to decide which equipment purchase is best for you.


“After attending the Ross Williams Clinic , I would like to say a huge thank you to all involved; it was great to spend time on the water with a Pro. Ross was great! Joe and Maurin were a credit to the OTC, both genuinely nice ,enthusiastic, knowledgeable guys , breaking instruction and feedback into understandable bitesize bits. Thanks to Andy Stallman for some great photos! Have seen Facebook drone footage – love it! Thanks Tris for the burger and beers – good night out. All included in my £250 fee! Best £250 I’ve spent. Very much look forward to visiting the centre again soon for further clinics/hire of foil (that was awesome!).”

 Paul Holland – 06/11/17

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the taster session Susie had with you for her birthday. She thoroughly enjoyed it, even though she had no recollection of ever telling me she’d like to learn to windsurf. Susie said you were a great instructor who was really patient, very helpful and very encouraging.”

Marcus Gaines – 19/05/13

Thanks for a couple of great weekends. I thought it was a tremendous venue and the delivery was first class. I’ve suffered the curse of the “not interested, lacking knowledge, non credible” RYA instructor before and it was fantastic to see the other side of the coin. I will be back, both to the OTC and hopefully on another badger-fact filled Sam Ross masterclass. I’ll start working on the passes required from my lovely wife. One happy, word spreading advocate created.”

Mike Mason – 25/11/12

“Wednesday was fantastic and I would really like to get on a Start Windsurfing course. Thank you for taking us – it was great to try windsurfing with instruction; now I can at least move forward! I think everyone enjoyed it, although I was shattered yesterday; the only thing I wish I had remembered is sunscreen. Thank you again for taking us on Wednesday it was a brilliant day out and very interesting.

Kira Hussey – 26/05/11 

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my utmost gratitude from, myself personally and on behalf of the personnel who attended from 815 Squadron Maintenance Unit, for the Windsurfing appreciation day which you organised on Wednesday 25th May. The whole evolution was deemed a great success from all who attended, gaining a plethora of positive comments from all participants. The day was also a huge success in increasing morale, leadership and team bonding for all who attended. The level of instruction was delivered in a very professional and easy to follow manner by the Instructors. The facilities made available to us were at a very high standard and all who attended felt their safety was deemed paramount by the instructors. Hopefully after the day, the RN Sailing Team will gain a few new members. I envisage this will be a great success, if these ‘grass roots sports’ days are available to service personnel who have never attempted the sport.”

CPO ‘Cakey’ Eccles – 26/05/11

OTC Influence

“Just a short mail to say I had a great experience at the OTC Weymouth yesterday and it has helped me to make a decision on the board size and type I am going to buy next which will be either the RRD FSW 120L or Starboard Kode 123 depending on availability etc.

“I normally buy from Bray Lake Watersports as that is close to home; are they able to acknowledge the OTC influence on me to the manufacturers? I would like to recognise the OTC in some way to the brands as I did initially try to get a demo board from Starboard but after three weeks they finally said no, which may well weigh heavily on my decision. However if they can stock the OTC going forward then I would be happy to test there in future. They should make up their minds as to what they plan to do. As for the OTC it’s a good site for parking, windsurfing good cafeteria etc and of course helpful knowledgeable staff, all round 5 stars! I’ll be back again soon! Thank you!”

Daniel Winterbottom – 26/06/11

“Wednesday 15th September was a high day for me. For about three years now I have wanted to move into the short board zone. I am a competent long board racer. That day the wind was too high for my long board kit. Chatting to someone called Norman, a regular at Weymouth, very fast on a 90litre board + 5.4 sail, he mentioned OTC (Official Test Centre) the ‘brainchild’ of a guy called Tris Best.

“If you want to get into short boards and be advised sensibly without the pressure of selling, give them a go. They hold most of the new boards to try and will set you up with a something suitable and rig”.

“So often I have drooled over the array of boards for sale, but the confusion of make, construction, length, width, volume, particular discipline and then the correct match of sail, boom, mast, location of foot straps sends me away bewildered.

The answer is OTC. Based on the south shore of Portland Harbour adjacent to the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy, the venue now selected for the 2012 Olympic sailing classes, could not be better.

“Simon Todd did not confuse me with bull, just got down to asking a few question about my ability, what did I want to achieve. I explained I was a competent long board racer and wanted a short board for high wind days but had no experience and knew nothing about them. From a large selection of boards a Starboard Futura 133 was selected. The rig an XO Shark 5.3 adjusted to suit me completed the outfit. A final foot strap adjustment, a briefing on the characteristics of the board, on safety and where to sail and I entered the water to face a 20 knot plus wind.

“To cut this short all I can say is, after a tentative start getting to know this kit, found me blasting way over to the North side opposite the bridge, a failed gybe, a water start and back to base. Here was something I had dreamed of, what I believed short boarding must be.

“The next step is to raise the money, Futura 133 here we come. Next season will be fun thanks to OTC. Was it chance I talked to Norman that day? I had never heard of OTC, windsurfing retailers might be advised to offer OTC a high profile and advise potential buyers to make the effort, spend the £30 quid, it will save confusion and the possible wrong purchase and quite apart from anything else it is pure fun. Thank you Tris and Simon.”

Russell Polden – 21/09/10