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WMTWe are very please to announce that we will be hosting the Will Mackaness Race Club Evenings every Thursday from 1800-2000 from 3rd April 2014. This club has been made possible thanks to the Trust’s successful application to Sport England’s Small Grant Fund, enabling them to buy a fleet of six RS:One boards and sails. These are a great one-design class, bridging the gap between the youth class of Techno and the Olympic class of RS:X, enabling all-inclusive club racing to be rekindled.

The Race Club evenings are open to all other raceboards as well; the whole idea is to get on the water and sail around a course for some friendly competition. There will be a trophy to win at the end of the season, so get your race-face on and come and get involved.

Click on the button below if you want your name to be put in the mailing list for info about the series. Price per session is £10.00 per entry if using the RS:One, free if you are racing on your own kit.


In 2013 the Race Club was a resounding success, with over 30 people coming along to take part, ranging from 9 year olds to a 65 year old! Here are some quotes from some regular attendees:

“Having recently moved from Suffolk, where the opportunity to race and windsurf is limited even if you are a member of a club, the race night offered by the OTC is a breath of fresh air. Most sessions in Suffolk would be 1 or 2 sailors, whereas you always seem to have in excess of 10 participants. There would be a limited amount of coaching and encouragement, this is definitely not the case at the OTC. It is amazing to see such a mix of ages and abilities getting out on the water to battle against each other. The atmosphere is so friendly with all participants offering hints and tips to get the younger sailors up to speed and around the course.

“Another amazing feature is that by using top of the range kit, there is an opportunity to develop one’s racing skills on kit that would not necessarily be available to all. Having spent most of the year travelling to countrywide events, I must congratulate you on the warm welcome and inclusive nature of the OTC, it is truly fantastic and a model that should be replicated elsewhere. Keep up the excellent work and developing the youngsters.”
Tim Blackmore

“As the parent of a keen (but fairly new to the sport of windsurfing) 14 year old named Samuel, Thursday nights have been invaluable in his development and progress. Samuel’s understanding of wind directions and using it to sail proficiently has greatly improved since taking part in these events along with his confidence. Thursday night’s race night provides a warm and friendly environment where everyone encourages and advises each other and most of all have fun. Samuel definitely looks forward to Thursday evenings.”

Neil Anstey

“The RS:One racing was fantastic fun although totally different to what I’m used to, but learnt so much from my few outings and it got me out in light winds. Love to have this kit for my light wind days to go cruising around the harbour. Hope the racing continues.”

Dave Witts


“I have absolutely loved the OTC race night! I’ve been windsurfing for years but have only ever blasted up and down. Racing has opened up another side of it to me. I was enjoying kitesurfing more, but now that’s changed and I’m enjoying learning new skills like race starting, and upwind and downwind efficiently. The atmosphere on race night is lovely. It’s great to see the youngsters enjoying themselves and all the adults are keen to pass on advice. The racing runs really smoothly, you’ve made it very straightforward and therefore it’s chilled and relaxed. I don’t want summer to end! I want warmth and light evenings forever!”
Claire Cumming


“I enjoy race night because it helps to improve your skills and also because there are other children my age, so we help each other. It is great for adults and children because it does not matter who wins or loses, because we all have fun anyway!”
Reed Russell