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The unique concept of The OTC has allowed us to cater for the requirements of many different sectors of the industry.

Firstly, and most importantly, it has allowed the consumer market, our guests, to try the very latest and best equipment on the market. This includes windsurfing retail shops who have organised trips to our doors, enabling their staff and regular clients to familiarise themselves with all the latest equipment.

Secondly, we have various international magazines that use our facilities to conduct their own tests. Magazine titles from the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy and Poland have all taken advantage of the ease and practicality that having all the kit under one roof offers.

And finally The OTC concept has enabled the brands themselves to take advantage of our facilities and check out what their competition are up to through their R&D teams.

Using the input from all our various visitors, most importantly including our guests, we produce our own equipment tests which have in the past been published in various ways.

Today, with equipment prices increasing, it is more important than ever to ensure that your new board or sail purchase is the right one for you. There are many magazine tests and reviews availabe to help you make that decision, but are they a substitute for trying the equipment yourself?


OTC Test Website and Database

OTC Test Website and Database

Things to Know About Our Tests

1. OTC tests include the input of our guests 
With guests coming to The OTC from all over the world, we gather input from the widest cross-section of the consumer market possible, enabling us to attain the clearest picture of each board and sail’s performance.

2. OTC tests are conducted over an extended period 
We receive the latest equipment at the earliest opportunity each year, and without being tied to any deadline, will only release a test once we are fully satisfied that we know the product well enough.

3. OTC tests are done in diverse conditions 
From the flat water of Portland Harbour to the neighbouring breaks such as Kimmeridge, our boards and sails are put through their paces in ‘real world’ conditions, helping us to get a true impression of their capabilities.

OTC Tests have been available for download in the past. But the type of tests available and the ‘testing manual’ is about to be re-written…


The OTC Feedback Database


It has been a long time coming but we have, at last, set up our feedback database, enabling us to gather valuable feedback directly from our clients. Until now we have done this in a qualitative manner, discussing the kit with our clients once they’ve had a sail and noting their preferences. Now, however, we are able to gather the data quantitatively, using a bespoke database designed specifically for the task. A computer will be set up in the centre office and by filling in a series of quick questions, we can gain a lot of information about the kit we stock from the most important yet often neglected resource – the end consumer. There is plenty of potential for development from this database, and we’ll keep you informed here as it happens.