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Techno Core Skills Training with Ali Masters Coaching



Over the winter the OTC will provide core skill training once a month for Techno sailors. The training sessions will be provided by Ali Masters, focussing on board handling skills and transitions in both light and strong winds, race tactics, starts and mark roundings. The winter period brings challenging conditions, and these training weekends are designed specifically to help the aspiring young racer become a stronger, more confident sailor. Dates for the training camps are as follows:



  • 1819th November
  • 2-3rd December
  • 6- 7th January
  • 10-11th February
  • 10-11th March

A few words from Ali:

“Target audience: Top of team 15, Zone squad sailors, UKDS, UKJS newcomers.

“Sailing Techno boards using sails between 3.5m & 7.8m.

“Aims of the programme:

  • Up-skilling all aspects of Techno sailing with a programme full of board handling, core skills, speed, racing drills and exercises.
  • Each weekend’s focus dependent on individual sign ups and their respective goals. Let us know when you book what you would really like to work on and the coaching team will endeavour to help you meet those goals.
  • Ensured progression, enthusiasm and enjoyment of the sport even through the winter months.
  • More windsurfing, less swimming and prepare yourself for the upcoming racing season!”

Costs are £30.00 for one day, £50.00 for two days. For more information, please call the centre on 07817 717904.

RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor Course

Run by our own Tris Best over the Easter holidays, this course will provide the stepping stone in the world of windsurfing, opening a pathway to seasons abroad and a career in one of the best industries out there. The course is run over 5 full days and costs £330.00. Prerequisites can be found here.

RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor Course

Sam Ross, windsurfing trainer extraordinaire, will be with us to take your instructor qualification to the next level so that you can up-skill and chase down that dream job in a windy location. For more information, get in touch. Course cost is £330.00. Get in touch to book your space by calling us on 07817 717904.

RYA Advanced Windsurfing Instructor Course

Time to reach the pinnacle of the instructor tree! Sam Ross will be with us to take you through this course and ensure that you have the best chance of success. We also have a wealth of the very latest windsurfing equipment in stock in the centre for you to feast your eyes on and test on the water for yourself during the course.

Senior Instructor Windsurfing Course

RYA Trainers Tim Cross and our own Tris Best will be conducting this SI course at the centre in the spring of 2019. It is a requirement of an RYA Training Centre to have a Senior Instructor present at all times, so this course is a must-do milestone for most instructors. Course cost is £330.00, including use of all OTC kit and WPNSA facilities. For more information, including ideas for accommodation, get in touch.