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With Poole Grammar claiming the overall title in 2014, the Dorset School Games were hosted by the Watersports Academy in Poole for 2015. Having lost their crown, Wey Valley School were determined to reclaim the title and bring it back to West Dorset, so amassed a formidable team of 16 keen an accomplished racers. Our other West Dorset Schools struggled to free up resources and make the trip over, but Budmouth were well represented by James Faley and Ellie Wilcox, whilst All Saints had a real chance for a result with Reed Russell.

When we arrived at Sandbanks in Poole we were greeted by light winds … and not much water! Not to worry – the tide was turning and the water was flooding in, providing the time to rig the kit for the Gold Fleet and organise the far larger Challenge Fleet. Racing got underway in earnest and it was soon clear to see that Wey Valley’s training was paying off! A full schedule of races were completed on the building sea breeze in both fleets, before the teams retired for lunch, enabling the race committee to tot up the results.

The School Games is such a worthwhile event, and much praise and massive thanks has to be given to the people that make it possible. Sam from Active Dorset was a great help on the day to adjudicate, whilst Hannah Cockle was there to represent the RYA. Dale Rhodes, the area’s schools’ sports coordinator, did a fine job in promoting the event and Dave Hartwell from the Watersports Academy was the perfect host. But the most thanks and praise has to be heaped on the schools and in particular the pro-active teachers at the schools that make it happen. They make it possible for the school’s students to get to the centres and practice the sport. Their enthusiasm for windsurfing makes all this possible. So they are the real champions here and I’m sure all the students participanting in the Games this year would agree. Lets hope for even better numbers next year – well done to all who competed and look forward to hosting the event in 2016.


Challenge Fleet (Girls)

1. Lucy Turnbull (Wey Valley)
2. Beth Hammond (Wey Valley)
3. Grace Goodwin (Wey Valley)

Challenge Fleet (Boys)

1. Oliver Hammond (Wey Valley)
2. Adam Turnbull (Wey Valley)
3. Josh Dean (Wey Valley)

Gold Fleet

1. Scotty Stallman (Wey Valley)
2. Sam Anstey (Wey Valley)
3= Reed Russell (All Saints)
3= James Faley (Budmouth)

Overall Team Results

1. Wey Valley School
2. Avonbourne School
3. Bishop Winchester Academy